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Read why garage door repair parts must be chosen by their size and why heavier doors need parts replacement. Our tips carry all the information.

Lube moving parts

The experts from garage door repair company in Houston advice lubing all moving parts. Proper lubrication is a good way to keep the door functioning well. It’s best to have a lube, which you can also use for other items at home. The track, rollers, bearings, hinge pins and chain should all be lubed.

Be wary of  brackets

Your garage door has two brackets attached to the bottom corners. The cables are attached to these brackets, thus, they are in high tension. They could instantly fly when disconnected so always check if they are in place. Never attempt to loosen them up or make any other adjustments because it could cause injuries.

Check the light settings

The garage lights are important as they increase visibility in the garage in the evening and night. Since the light is directly connected with the door mechanism, it is necessary to clean and maintain the light connections. Regular checks ensure functioning of garage lights without flickering or going off.

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